Wanting a Second Child: Surrogacy in India and a Trip to Delhi


By Kerrie Olejarz   Recently I wrote about the bumpy road of IVF and surrogacy. It came from a dreary place in me, because we had just received the news that our latest attempt in India did not work.  My trip to Delhi in July was an amazing trip.  Sadly I left my husband and […]

Parents: Comparisons and Milestones


By: Kerrie Olejarz   Aside from everyone guessing who Cailyn looks like -Mommy or Daddy -it seems everyone is concerned with milestones.  There is an ongoing comparison of who’s child has hit which milestones, whether the child is early or delayed.  Cailyn has reached most milestones early, like grabbing toys, rolling, using her thumb and  […]

Surrogacy Friends


By: Kerrie Olejarz   Isn’t it funny how commonality brings strangers together?  In the world of Indian surrogacy you become immediately ingrained in similar people’s lives.  You find blogs and forums on the most important subject in your life: having a baby in India.  Most of our Indian surrogacy bloggers are putting their story out […]

Are We Actually Capable?


By: Kerrie Olejarz During our pregnancy we had people tell us that they would “help” us when we got home, that we would indeed need help.  I took this personally, as in “you are not carrying the baby so how can you care for it?”  Maybe taking it personally was my own insecurities and emotional […]