Sharing a Little Wisdom


By: Kerrie Olejarz   After having been home for a while we started to be pleasantly bombarded with enquiries from local couples looking to see if this was indeed real.  We spent our weekends proudly showing off our baby, meeting perfect strangers for coffee, brunch, and inviting them into our home.  It was a true […]

The First Few Days Home From India


By: Kerrie Olejarz   The first night home was great.  Clean water, clean clothes, and a proper nursery for our little girl.  We spent most of the evening just staring at her in awe,  like most new parents would.  We received phone calls and a drop in visit from friends.  They wanted to see Cailyn […]

Almost Home!


By: Kerrie Olejarz The feeling of going home was very exciting! We could not wait to show off our little miracle to friends and family in person, not just on Skype!  We has just over 24 hours before we departed, but India was not complete.  We were getting ready to have dinner with intended parents […]