Identification and Definition


By Lisa Regula Meyer In my Biological Diversity class, I spend a decent amount of time helping my students to understand two major concepts surrounding niches.  An organism’s niche is essentially the role that it plays in its environment and the sum of all its traits.  To be specific, its niche is divided into two […]

Surrogate: Disaster at a Distance


By Lisa Regula Meyer I normally think of myself as a decent writer- not great, but not horrible, either- but no matter how I try to rearrange the words, this just keeps coming out horribly.  I can’t get the right words to make it anything except depressing and stale and no good.  I try telling […]



By Lisa Regula Meyer Today marks the start of the holiday shopping season, the day after Thanksgiving, when Americans take to the malls in droves looking for spectacular deals on the latest, greatest thing for this year.  Or at least it had been the start of the shopping season until the recent craze of opening […]

Home-school or School-home?

homeschool 1

By: Lisa Regula-Meyer For better or worse, Kenny’s grown up in classrooms of all sorts.  His first day of class was at the tender age of two weeks, and we had Drawing II, Plant Biology II, and Piano II.  I took a year between undergrad and graduate school as a “post-undergrad,” auditing classes that I […]

The Start of a New School Year


By: Lisa Regula- Meyer The school year is in full swing now in Kent, and we’re heartily enjoying life with a second grader.  Specifically, we’re enjoying this second grader and his second grade class.  This year, our school is trying out a mixed 1st and 2nd grade classroom.  Two teachers, two student teachers, and two […]

Finding a Way to Family


By: Lisa Regula Meyer Three ways to create a family frequently discussed on The Next Family include gestational surrogate, traditional surrogate, and adoption.  There are far more other ways, but I wanted to focus on these three because it’s an area where there is frequently some confusion.  As a reminder, “gestational surrogacy”  is when a […]

Naming- Rights and Fights


By: Lisa Regula Meyer In keeping with the theme of additions started by the kittens, we’ve added another member to the family.  Specifically, my mother in law has remarried a high school friend, and the man that introduced her to my father in law.  I’m happy for them, the groom seems like a great guy […]


By: Lisa Regula Meyer   It’s getting later into the summer, and we’ve hit a cool spell in Northeast Ohio.  By cool, I mean autumn-like night time temps of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit.  As usual, the season’s gone too fast and I’ve not gotten enough work done, nor had enough recreation time with my son and […]