A Dad Dealing With Change


by: Danny Thomas   man… it’s been way too long since I’ve posted… I’ve been trying, believe me, I’ve been trying. it’s a combination of this new life using up all my time and wearing me out, and the million billion things having this new life makes me want to write about… but i have […]


A Pat On The Back.


By: Danny Thomas here I am… sitting on the end of the bed with a pile of laundry literally looming over my computer. Everything is looming right now; spring, the river, the future, the past, relationships, colleagues… Jennifer and I are occupying the land of loom… it seems to happen with us a lot. oh […]


Work and play. Play and work…


  By: Danny ThomasI think it’s interesting and not insignificant that Jennifer and I both seem to use the words “work” and “play” interchangeably. we are both students of theatre so that has to be a factor because theatre on some levels, like many arts, if you’re doing it right I think, is a vocation […]


Driving Miss Robin


By: Ann Brown So, what’s new? Not much. Oh wait. Right. Robin got his driver’s license suspended. It’s not what you think, and I know that you are thinking DUI. Robin was nabbed for speeding. And running a red light. And for totally being a dick to me when I was in a bad mood […]


The Wisdom to Tell the Difference

seaside 2009 084

By Danny Thomas I sat in the nursery holding the baby for what felt like the fifteenth hour in a row it was the morning nap… but I had spent all night in the chair rocking and shushing and holding her and her poor, sore, teething mouth… getting her down for the morning nap had […]


A Bitchy Shrill Dyke’s Celebration of Her-story Month


By Sheana Ochoa Recently, I picked up a book on the subject of biography. I’ve been writing a biography on Stella Adler, the first lady of modern day acting, for over a decade and was reminded how men have by and large been the writer’s of history (history).  As far back as Xenophon writing about […]