A Loose Tooth


by Tanya Ward Goodman My Grandmother’s death has brought the family together, but my daughter’s loose tooth has given us something cheerful to do. We are united by Sadie’s tooth. When she wiggles that darned thing, we stop thinking for a moment about how hard it will be to sell the house and what a […]


A Pat On The Back.


By: Danny Thomas here I am… sitting on the end of the bed with a pile of laundry literally looming over my computer. Everything is looming right now; spring, the river, the future, the past, relationships, colleagues… Jennifer and I are occupying the land of loom… it seems to happen with us a lot. oh […]


Work and play. Play and work…


  By: Danny ThomasI think it’s interesting and not insignificant that Jennifer and I both seem to use the words “work” and “play” interchangeably. we are both students of theatre so that has to be a factor because theatre on some levels, like many arts, if you’re doing it right I think, is a vocation […]


Driving Miss Robin


By: Ann Brown So, what’s new? Not much. Oh wait. Right. Robin got his driver’s license suspended. It’s not what you think, and I know that you are thinking DUI. Robin was nabbed for speeding. And running a red light. And for totally being a dick to me when I was in a bad mood […]


The Wisdom to Tell the Difference

seaside 2009 084

By Danny Thomas I sat in the nursery holding the baby for what felt like the fifteenth hour in a row it was the morning nap… but I had spent all night in the chair rocking and shushing and holding her and her poor, sore, teething mouth… getting her down for the morning nap had […]


A Bitchy Shrill Dyke’s Celebration of Her-story Month


By Sheana Ochoa Recently, I picked up a book on the subject of biography. I’ve been writing a biography on Stella Adler, the first lady of modern day acting, for over a decade and was reminded how men have by and large been the writer’s of history (history).  As far back as Xenophon writing about […]