Halloween with the Red Van Raiders

halloween 2nd grade

by Tanya Ward Goodman I was in third grade and it was Halloween. A bunch of people had gathered at our house to eat and drink before heading out to trick-or-treat. My mother was dressed as a gypsy fortune-teller. She swirled around the house in satin skirts and a patchwork vest, dispensing red wine out […]

Let Us Number Our Minutes


By: Ann Brown What with Yom Kippur being just around the corner, I have taken a moment to reflect upon my life. And so, in the spirit of numbering my days, I have gone back and calculated a few things. I present to you, my Jewish year 5773 in minutes: Minutes I spent this year […]

The Fifty Percent Solution


By: Ann Brown Oh my GAWD. Robin is such a baby. All I said to him yesterday was, “About 50% of the time, I wish you were dead”, and he cannot let it go. All day long – at the hardware store, at lunch, at the river – he’s all, “really? You wish I was […]

A Mouse in the House


by Tanya Ward Goodman The mouse is named “Candy Corn.” He is grey on the top and bottom with a white middle. When we first saw this mouse, my daughter proclaimed in very passionate tones that he was “the mouse of her destiny.” In the words of Taylor Swift : “Trouble, trouble, trouble…” “We have […]

Sticks and Stoned


By: Ann Brown Nina and David are coming up to visit next week. And may I just say, YAHOO. We have begun planning. Nina emailed this morning to say that all she wants to do is lie around on the back deck chaise lounges and eat sushi. I am exceedingly relieved to hear that because […]

The Old Ladies And The Sea

Water Exercise Class

Ann Brown   Sometimes – coming out of the shower and catching a glimpse of my naked self, for instance – a great notion is born. Like, to get rid of mirrors in the bathroom. Or blind myself with an ice pick. Last week, however, I had a new notion: A water aerobics class at […]