Burning the Candy House


By Tanya Ward Goodman Setting the candy house on fire fulfilled my son’s need to burn stuff and my need to clear the house of holiday detritus. It was a win-win situation. I’ve decided to let this burning candy house be a symbol of all of my New Year’s resolutions. I have resolved to be […]


A Lesson in Parenting: On the Way to the Donut Shop

awesome mom

By Tanya Ward Goodman On the way to the donut shop, we were filled with excitement. Because the kids were so excited to stuff their bellies with sugar, they’d bounced out of bed even though the sky was barely light. Dressed and brushed and washed, they were cheerful and happy. As the sun pinked up […]


Parents and Their Children: Birds of a Feather


By Tanya Ward Goodman Last year, a wren made her nest in our birdhouse and hatched four baby birds. Whenever the mama bird would leave the nest, the hatchlings would scream their heads off. The mama bird would dart quickly around our yard in search of insects and rush back to the nest where she […]