Mommy Greenest: Eco Rules

Eco Rules

Remember that house, back in high school? It wasn’t your house, but you felt comfortable enough to put your feet up on the furniture. It wasn’t your mom, but you talked to her sometimes about what was going on in your life. Sometimes an afternoon turned into dinner turned into movie night with the family. […]

Music to Bring Us Closer

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By Jennifer Smith   Bringing the entire family together is easier said than done. This is especially true in these modern times where computers and the Internet have all but completely taken over the lives of teenagers and young adults (and let’s face it: us parents, too). And many family-time options are costly. But music […]

It’s Workin’ For Us: Project Closet Nursery!


By Shira Gill, Simply Sorted We have two kids now. Soooo…we decided we needed a three-bedroom. But we have a two-bedroom. We needed to make our space work for us and fast! It only took three days and under one hundred dollars to transform a spare closet into a nursery for Baby Emilie! I must […]

How to Adopt a Baby


By: Katherine Malmo 1. Talk to friends and friends of friends about their experiences. 2. Try not to get lost driving around foreign neighborhoods looking for a community center that will host the Journeys of the Love, Hope, Heart, Blessed-Child’s Dream of the Christ’s Open Adoption agency meeting. 3. Ask the social workers what programs/countries […]

Modern Living: Simply Sorted


By: Shira Gill, Personal Organizer Modern living is hectic enough as it is, but once you introduce kids into the equation, keeping your life simple and organized can seem like an impossible dream. As a new mom and a professional organizer, I have learned that sometimes it only takes a few minutes to see big […]