Parents: You Gotta Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone


By Ann Brown   It’s another rainy afternoon. Perfect for making soup, reading, avoiding work, and napping. You’d think I’d be perfectly happy. But no. I am not snugly in my comfort zone. One of my toes is hanging out. Kids start off with a very small comfort zone. It’s pretty much Baby + Parents. […]


Forget Mars and Venus: Understanding the Power of Differences for Relationships and Parenting


By Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC   I attended a Bat Mitzvah recently where the Cantor spoke about peace. “Peace,” he proclaimed, “is desired by all people, in all nations. Problems arise not because we don’t want peace, but because we each define it according to personal, cultural, religious, or other differences.” Same word. Contrasting meanings. […]


Kids and All Their Stuff: Enough is Enough


By Ann Brown, Parenting Coach   Those of you in my classes and parenting groups have heard me start many sentences with, “after the revolution, when I am in charge of the world and we all live on communes in peace and harmony….” But today, I am going to write about what we can do […]


Fight Right: How Conflict Can Enhance Relationships and Parenting


By Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC Whether we argue consistently with our partners, or only lock horns on rare occasions, when we’re in the thick of a conflict it’s natural for us to ask: Why are we fighting?* While finding the answer might seem important in the moment, given how precious our time and energy is, […]


I Can’t Help Myself: Kids and Impulse Control


By Ann Brown I’ve been listening to The Four Tops. If you don’t know what I am talking about, if you do not know who The Four Tops are, if you are not familiar with their music, well, then, I really don’t know what to do with you. Maybe a time-out. Oh wait, I don’t […]


Passive Tantrums and the Autism Spectrum


By: Joe Newman A passive tantrum is when a child feigns inability or lack of understanding in order to avoid difficulty, frustration or effort. A few weeks ago a third grade teacher told me about her first experience using my method with a student named Jackson she suspected of engaging in passive tantrums. Jackson was […]