Talking To Children About Tragedies


By: Ann Brown Sadly, once again, we have been faced with terrible and frightening incidents in the news. The bombings in Boston came has a huge shock to all of us and many parents learned about it, or had to process it, in front of their children. It can be difficult and confusing to navigate […]


Parenting Young Children: Rejection


By Ann Brown, Parenting Consultant Poor, Poor, Pitiful You Every once in a while I kinda wish we could all just sit down and discuss these parenting articles. Sitting together, maybe a little wine, talking face to face, instead of me sitting here all alone (with a little wine; it’s the weekend; don’t judge), so […]


Parenting: Good Cop


By Ann Brown, Parenting Consultant The topic this month in parenting group was crime. Lying, cheating, stealing, taking bribes, racketeering – you know, stuff your little kids do that make you wonder if instead of contributing to their college funds you really should just toughen them up for prison. Switch out “The Little Mermaid” for […]


Parenting: The Life of Pie


By Ann Brown, Parenting Consultant I went to see “The Life of Pi” during Thanksgiving weekend. It gave me much to think about in terms of what we choose to believe in life. It also gave me a lot to think about in terms of why, even though I do not care about candy at […]


Your Children and Finances: Earlier the Better

piggy bank

By Jennifer Smith Often the lessons our children pick up on come directly from the examples we set. When parents struggle with money, don’t talk to their children about it, and don’t instill good financial practices in their kids, they set their children up for potential struggles as adults. Our society contains many marketing messages […]


Music to Bring Us Closer

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By Jennifer Smith   Bringing the entire family together is easier said than done. This is especially true in these modern times where computers and the Internet have all but completely taken over the lives of teenagers and young adults (and let’s face it: us parents, too). And many family-time options are costly. But music […]


Parenting: Enough is Enough


By Ann Brown, Parenting Consultant You knew this was coming. I mean, it’s November. Which is practically December. Which means you are gonna start buying all sorts of crap for people you love because that’s what we do in December.  And then, in January and February, you wonder why your kids don’t clean up their […]


I Adopted My Own Children

Heather Babies

By: Heather Somaini Yes, you read that correctly. I adopted my own genetically biological children. As same sex marriage continues to evolve in our great state of California and across the country, you might think that just having children and then getting your name put on their birth certificate would be everything a parent would […]