Q&A: Tips for Flying with a Toddler


Question: My wife’s family lives far away; mine lives local. Since our two-year-old was born we’ve flown five times and it’s getting to be a nightmare. I don’t know if any of you have travelled with a toddler but we could really use some tips and advice because between the whining and the tantrums and […]


Q&A: Toddlers and Hitting: My Son Hits and Pushes Other Kids!


Note from the editor: It is important to us that TNF expose you to both sides of the coin on parenting issues. Your child may not fit the personality described by one writer but s/he may very well be like another. Each week in this Q & A segment we will juxtapose two parenting philosophies […]


Q&A: Healthy Eating, Self Esteem, & Body Image

Beware of bad foods for your child

Question: My son is 8 and slightly overweight. I am wondering what’s the best way to address it. I have even caught him sneaking food. He is a carb lover (like me) and could eat the equivalent of 3 servings of cereal and a bagel for breakfast. How do I help him to make healthy […]


Q&A: My Toddler Won’t Share!

Little girl not sharing

Question: My 18-month-old-son “shares” by handing me something and then snatching it back. What kind of kid am I raising? Are there proven ways to teach a child to share? Answer by Julie Gamberg and Holly Kretschmar (Parents & Educators) The behavior you describe –let’s call it “playing backsies” –is absolutely normal, developmentally appropriate behavior for […]