A Mean Mom

grumpy mom

By Susan Howard I am a grumpy parent. At times I am overtired and annoyed at the drudge–organize the snack, start dinner and make sure the little ones don’t throw rocks at each other’s heads (Or if they do throw a rock, they at least act sorry for it.) It’s an underwhelming task, that I […]


My Open Letter to Gay Dads Who Save the Life of Their Son, Over and Over, Each and Every Day

Gay dads who save a boys life

By Rob Watson A little boy named Grayson is one of the most special children in the world. It all started with a haircut. Chad, a 22 year old young man, not out about his sexuality, got into Wayne’s chair at a salon. After discovering a sincere enjoyment of each other, they went on a […]


Parents: Do Something New With Your Kids

play in the rain with your kids

By Brandy Black I have started a five-week fall challenge with The Next Family and this week is “do something new with your kids.” It sounds simple, we do new things with our families all the time, our children are learning about new things daily but the reality is, it’s far too easy to get […]


The Miserable State Of Toddler Purgatory

Box Head Ben

By: Amber Leventry If you were to listen to my partner, Amy, and I talk to each other while we are in earshot of only each other or overhear one of us mutter profanities and inappropriate comments about our children, you would conclude we are miserable. Or that we hate parenthood. This conclusion is not […]


Spotlight Series: Chad and Scott


Spotlight Series sponsored by Quinny, a European stroller brand available in the United States.   TNF: Tell me about your family.  Are you married?  Do you have kids? CHAD: My husband, Scott Parrish, and I were married in Massachusetts the first day it was legal in the United States.  The same day as the 50th anniversary […]


Close to Our Hearts: Two New Moms Explore Chicago with Baby

Ergobaby wrap

By Michelle Barnard The first ten weeks of parenthood have been a blur… All our parent-friends told us that life as we knew it would change, but we shook them off. WE were different. We weren’t going to be THOSE parents.  We even had a list of annoying parenting things that we would never do, […]


A Survival Guide for Christians Who Have Been Fighting Against Marriage Equality

Survival Guide for Christians

Many of us have been in the Marriage Equality war for a long, long time. I remember a drag queen host taking the microphone at San Jose Pride about a dozen years ago. She saw a group with “Freedom to Marry” t-shirts, and with a twinge of sadness remarked, “Oh honeys, they are NEVER going […]


Tips on Foster/Adoption From Moms That Have Done It

Foster Adopting kids

By Diane Ponist There comes a time in your adult life, when you are ready for the next step.  At some point in your relationship or sometimes no relationship at all, you decide you want to have children.  Some people imagine the “perfect” life with one boy and one girl.  Others don’t plan at all until an unplanned pregnancy, […]


50 Great (Non-Animated!) Movies to Watch with Your Tween

Top 50 movies for kids

By: Shannon Ralph It’s getting to be that time of the year. The days are shorter. The nights are longer. Soon it will be too cold to go outside and play. Too cold to leave the house. Then the whining will begin. “I’m bored.” “I have nothing to do.” “This place is soooooo bo-ring.” Then […]