Finding a Doctor For Your LGBT Family


By Alex Temblador For many people, finding a great doctor is fairly simple and interactions with physicians are usually positive. However, for LGBT families, finding a great doctor can sometimes be difficult and for a lack of a better term, scary.  Parents aren’t just asking a doctor to take care of them—an adult—but now their […]

21 Completely Non-Marketable Skills I Have Perfected Through Parenthood

Skills I've perfected as a parent

By: Shannon Ralph   The incredible ability to separate even the tiniest of fused Lego pieces using only my teeth. A healthy mistrust of silence in all its forms. Perfect recitation of the phrases “uh-huh,” “go on,” and “I see” (essential skills for any parent hoping to effectively fake interest in a child’s passionate discussion of video […]

We Are Done Having Kids: Saying Goodbye to Sperm


By: Amber Leventry My partner, Amy, and I love our kids, but we are done creating them. No more. Our family is complete. At my yearly physical, the medical student who did my intake noticed a three year trend of increased weight gain, alcohol consumption, and decreased exercise. I asked her to note in my […]

Imagine The Possibilities With Barbie

Imagine the Possibilities with Barbie

By Brandy Black I’ll admit it: my family is over-scheduled. Most of the time I blame my wife for this, but the truth is I run our kids ragged, too. I’m always looking to ensure that they are exposed to anything and everything that might open their hearts and minds to the world’s possibilities.  On […]

What Do You Think Of The Word Queer?

Brandy and Susan

By Brandy Black More and more I’ve been hearing the word queer in daily conversation.  I’m beginning to let go of the negative connotations that I grew up with around this word. In this video my wife and I openly discuss our thoughts on labels in general.  We’d love to hear your feedback.   To […]

We Love Todd Parr: An Interview with the Philanthropist, Artist, and Children’s Book Author

It's Okay to be Different

By: Amber Leventry I am a lover of words and books. Before I had kids, I would wander the children’s section of bookstores to imagine what books I would someday read to the children I wanted to have. I would inevitably buy a book for a friend’s kid or for a family member. I was […]

Another Shooting, A Mother’s Rant

a mother's comment about shooting

By: Shannon Ralph Today began like any other day. This morning, my alarm went off at 6:30 AM, and I rolled out of bed. Bleary-eyed and cursing Mondays, I woke my three children one by one. Milk was poured. Pop-Tarts were consumed. Teeth were brushed. Hair was combed. Shoes were tied and back-packs were zipped. […]

The Spanking Debate


By Diane Ponist For many recent years, the debate has lingered about what is considered spanking and what is child abuse. Many adults are outraged with the conversation of “back in the day, it was the way of discipline and I learned my lesson”. But is that what we want to instill in our children? […]

Spotlight Series: Two Moms Miriam and Amber

Miriam&Amber_Wedding (141 of 227)

The Next Family: How did you start your family? Miriam:  When I was young I always told myself that I didn’t want to have kids, but in 2010, all of a sudden I got that feeling that I wanted to be a mom no matter what.  Axel was born on February 6, 2011. The Next Family: […]