The Great Gay Marriage Anticlimax

marriage equality announcement

By: Shannon Ralph Friday, June 26th, 2015 was an historic day. A day for jubilation. For contemplation. For commemoration. It was a day when Facebook exploded in rainbow colors and love flooded my Twitter feed. It was a day when my family was finally seen. My family was recognized. Legitimized. Sanctioned and admitted to the […]


A Gay Dad Sounds Off on Christians Debating Whether or Not to Attend Their Friend’s Same Sex Wedding

Debating over attendance at a same-sex wedding

By Rob Watson On the Friday of the Supreme Court Marriage Equality Ruling, the news hit like a rainbow colored Tsunami. As I woke up that morning, I got a message from my friend Kevin of Stop-Homophobia. As one of my marriage equality heroes, he was the one from whom I would have wanted to […]


Jillian Michaels Makes Me Sweat

Jillian Michaels DVDs

By: Amber Leventry I love to exercise. I always have. Physical exertion, challenging reps, endorphins, and sweat are so good for my mental well-being. Enter parenthood. I am not the biological mama of our three kids, and it has been two years since our boys were born, but I am still carrying a little baby […]


A Gay Dad Asks, Is One Child Not Enough?

An Only Child

By Henry Amador Our adopting via foster care story continues here in North Carolina. As some of you know, we are licensed to take in two children and have previously expressed our willingness to adopt a sibling group. My husband wants a house full and our son will gladly say that he wants a brother […]


Serving In The Military Under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Mel and Mandi

By Mel and Mandi Can anyone see us holding hands in the car? There is a military sticker on the window. Is there anyone we work with in the movie theater with us? I want to give you a kiss. Has anyone followed me to your house? I want to stay with you. Serving in […]


When Marriage Equality Becomes Irrelevant – The Future of Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality - We Won

By Brandy Black We WON! Words alone cannot depict the significance this day holds. I -mother of three, married to the woman of my dreams- am living the life I always wanted, and yet not until now have I experienced true validation and… it’s everything.  This is no mere vote; it’s not just a piece of paper. This is […]


One Boy, Two Moms, and THE Question


By: Shannon Ralph It happened. Sooner than we expected. More suddenly than we anticipated. Out of the blue, actually. While we were out of state on a hard-earned family vacation, our 12-year-old son asked us the question we had been dreading for years. Can you tell me about my donor? “Donor” is a word that’s […]


Marriage Equality: Three Minutes Of History

Marriage Equality - 3 minutes of history

By Brad and Justin As the temperatures climb and the days get longer, we anxiously await a decision on Obergefell v. Hodges, the historic marriage equality case before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Brad and I were lucky enough to be at the Supreme Court the day oral arguments were held back […]


How Should Parents Deal With Teenage Heartbreak?

Teenager Heartbreak

By Carol Rood My oldest bio kid is a moody person.  He alternates between sullen, annoyed and morose.  Every now and then, we have a rare glimpse of a smile.  Although I will say his mood has improved as he has gotten a little older.  He just graduated high school, and he seems happier. A […]