You Can’t Argue With Science! What Contraception Is and What it Isn’t!

The Hobby Lobby Case

By Carol Rood The Hobby Lobby case has certainly got people stirred up. Religious freedom? Corporations are more important than people?  Corporations ARE a “person”? Regardless of what your religious beliefs are and regardless of what your believe a corporation should and shouldn’t provide for their employees, or what a corporation should or shouldn’t be, […]


How Honest Are We On Social Media?

social media

By Carol Rood I am blessed with a few very good friends.  I also have lots of friends I interact with every day thanks to Social Media.  Of course, just like everyone else, I interact with some more than others. I think Facebook is interesting.  Everyone always wants to brag about their kids’ accomplishments, and […]


Am I Having A Hot Flash?

By Carol Rood I have been healthy my entire life.  I have never had a broken bone, and have only had the flu once that I remember.  However, since I was pregnant when I had the flu that should count as if I had it 3 times.  I mean really, it was pretty awful that […]