Gay Dad: Nature Vs. Neuter


Originally sitting down to write a blog on nature versus nurture, my auto-correct took over and changed nurture to neuter. I decided that this change was appropriate. We have three sons now, and one might assume that there might possibly be a smidgeon of similarity between at least two of them. After all, two of […]

Gay Dad: PTA = Parents That Act


I’m ramping up my involvement in our elementary school, which is arguably one of if not the best public school on the west side, in our beautiful city of Santa Monica. With two boys in and one more on deck, I will be inextricably intertwined with this kinder through fifth grade school for a total […]

Gay Dad: Full of Thanks


I’m thankful for Alen, who over the last ten years has been referred to first as my boyfriend, then lover, partner, domestic partner, better half, and now, thanks to the judicial system, my spouse. Soul mate, man, mate, and partner-in-crime also come to mind, although we have never broken any laws together (well maybe if […]