Gay Dad: Age is Just a Number


By: John Jericiau I had a horrifying experience the other day. I picked up my son from his kindergarten class, and as we walked past the door of one of the five other kindergarten classes in the school, a guy caught my eye. I’m not blind; in fact, I’m fairly aware of my surroundings, so […]


Gay Dad: Not in Front of My Kids


By: John Jericiau Here’s something that makes my blood curdle: inappropriate or vulgar language or actions in front of my brood. I’ve never been one to curse. Except for when I’ve been completely out-of-my-Italian-mind mad, I don’t think my husband, parents, or friends have ever heard me speak an unspeakable. I don’t use profanity in […]


Gay Dad: The Middle of the Summer


By: John Jericiau I haven’t checked for accuracy, but I feel like we are almost smack dab in the middle of summer break. We’ve long returned from our two-week vacation in Puerto Rico, but yet still have a significant amount of time until the first day of school slams into us like a frying pan […]


Gay Dad: Loose Ends

John Abs

Perhaps I write stories about events and experiences every week, but don’t follow up well enough regarding the outcomes. At least that’s what I’m sensing lately, what with readers sending me private messages (more of them in the last few months for some reason) and asking me, sometimes begging me, to tell them how this […]