Putting Fertility Into Perspective

pregnant at work

By Lex Jacobson I’ve been thinking a lot lately about fertility. Since I’ve become pregnant, two of my good friends have also shared pregnancy news, as well as three colleagues in my relatively small office. So far, I’ll be the first to give birth, if everyone goes full-term. I honestly don’t know what I’d do […]

Advice for a Non-Bio Mom?


By Lex Jacobson My wife Devon has been a dream through this pregnancy. She’s so thoughtful and does things for me before I even think about them. She’s always been supportive, but I’ve never seen her like this. It kind of makes my heart melt every single day. I’m extremely lucky. Devon is extremely excited […]

A Slightly Bigger Belly, A Lot More Insecure


By: Lex Jacobson As I write this, tomorrow will be the 12-week mark in this pregnancy –that “safe” milestone that I’ve been looking towards since we got our positive home pregnancy test result. It feels awesome. This baby has decided to stay, and though we’re not sure at this point of any abnormalities or issues […]