A Foster Family’s Brave Day in Court

Lesbian moms foster adoption

By Diane Ponist You know that huge deep breath that you’re finally able to take after being stressed out for so long? The never-ending battle with negative finally subsides and you begin to see the light? All I can say is, it was about time for something to be going our way! My wife and […]


Spotlight Series: Neya and Heather


TNF: Tell me about your family.  NEYA: My name is Neya and my partner is Heather. We have been together for a year now (even though it seems longer). We are raising two kids together.  Our son (Elisha;12) is biologically mine and our daughter (Tyler; 6) is adopted. The kids call me “Mommy” and call […]


A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabana

Dolce and Gabbana are not Ben and Jerry. Ben and Jerry are straight. Dolce and Gabbana are gay. Ben and Jerry make ice cream fashionable, Dolce and Gabbana make icy fashions. Ben and Jerry are sweetly pro-LGBT and marriage equality. Dolce and Gabbana are rancid in their attacks on gay and lesbian families. I buy […]


Mom Decisions I Make Every Day

mom decisions

By: Shannon Ralph There are numerous decisions that have to be made when one chooses to have children. Some are rather large, crucial decisions—bottle versus breast, to circumcise or not, letting the baby cry it out or co-sleeping. Others are seemingly insignificant—should I share the last Oreo or swallow it whole while hiding behind the […]


Video: Lesbian Moms Give Tips For Traveling on Planes With Kids

Brandy Black and Susan Howard

By Brandy Black We received a question from one of our viewers asking for tips on plane travel with kids.  Don’t do it!  We joke but I’m actually a firm believer that you should continue your patterns of travel.  Even though it’s tough for us with 3 kids, we do it as often as possible. […]


A Gay Dad Sounds Off on the Homophobic Pediatrician and Florist Who Attempted to Humiliate LGBT Families


By Rob Watson A popular insurance company pays a great deal of advertising money to let everyone know that they are in fact “our good neighbors.” They populate commercial after commercial with cheery, miraculously at-your-service agents who care about their clients above all else. While I am sure their real agents are customer relations friendly, […]


Maintaining My Identity While Being A Stay At Home Mom

Stay At Home Mom

By: Amber Leventry   I am sitting in the lobby of a ballet studio as my four year old daughter takes her weekly lesson. My partner and I alternate weeks when taking her so we each have a turn at 45 minutes of kid-free time. Forty-five minutes, every other week. When you become a parent, […]


Foster Parents: When to Help Bio Mom

foster adoption

By Diane Ponist This is the week of our second foster child’s birthday. “Carmen” is turning 3. I wrote about him before, the child not adopted yet because my wife and I are a same sex couple of different races. He has been with us for almost one year now, and yet he is no further […]


Spotlight Series: Dylan – Single Dad

TNF: How did you start your family? DYLAN: I was married to my ex-wife for six years. We had gotten married right after I graduated from boot camp in 2008. A year later my daughter Hayden was born. I separated from my ex-wife during my first deployment to Afghanistan, and then when I got back to the […]


The Bumpy Road Between Foster and Adoption

foster adoption challenges

By Diane Ponist   The past several days have been out of the norm and emotions are running high.  Right now it seems we have to fight for everything, where it’s pretty clear that all we have now wouldn’t be possible without our blood, sweat, and tears.  At the end of the day, we are […]