Congratulations, It’s A Boy…. Now What?

gay dad and son

By: Henry Amador My son was born four days after my 48th birthday. Growing, I never really thought I would experience fatherhood, why would I? Gay men of that time didn’t aspire to be husbands and daddies, those titles were not generally handed out to us. Like many gay men of my generation, we grew […]


Finding Jewish Heritage As An Adult.

Finding religion

By Carol Rood I was born Jewish.  My father was born Jewish. My mother was born a Southern Baptist but converted to Judaism prior to marrying my father, so I was born Jewish.  Being Jewish is passed through the mother not the father.  You might wonder why, (as I did), Jewishness is passed through the […]


6 Things I Want My Children To Learn

Kids and boredom

By Brandy Black We spent time with my parents, or more commonly the grandparents recently and our children have gotten the Black family fever for good old-fashioned board games, card games, things that don’t require a screen, a speaker or a joystick. We taught them how to play slap-jack and surprisingly our two-year-old twins even […]


Planning A Lesbian Wedding And Don’t Know Where To Start?

lesbian wedding invite

By Kelly Rummelhart Have you ever been to a lesbian wedding?   No matter your answer, here’s your chance to partake or re-live (for those of you who were there) all the joy that was #EKWED14!!! Making a long story a bit shorter . . . (I said “A BIT” people!) Erin and I got engaged […]


Why I Write as a “Gay” Dad

Why Do I write as a "gay" dad

  I did not intend to write about this topic.  A friend of mine, Henry Amador, blogger and founder of Dadsquared, addressed it in a piece called “The Battle Cry of the Gay Dad” for The Next Family.  He captured the essence of the extra effort those of us who are gay dads have gone […]


Spotlight Series: Amy and Valerie

Same sex parents around the country

TNF: Tell me about your family. Valerie: Amy and I married “legally” in New Jersey 12/31/13 but had a lovely renewal/celebration in our home state of PA on May 17, 2014 only days before it was legally recognized! We celebrated on our honeymoon We have one amazing son, Grayson (6yo) and are currently TTC with […]


Excuse Me Sir, Are You His Mom?

house husbands

By Henry Amador   I’ve been meaning to touch on this subject for some time now, yet when I ask friends for input, some agree and are totally into it, and others, not so much.The topic?Gay Men or Gay Fathers being referred to as Wives and Mommies.Okay, not that anyone asked but here’s my take. Lets go back in time, think […]


Summer: Is Camp For The Kids Or The Parents?

summer splash

By: Shannon Ralph I swore I wouldn’t do it. I promised myself I would never be one of those parents. You know the parents I am talking about. The ones who believe summer vacation should be a time of cultural “enrichment” for their children. The parents who sign their kids up for Cantonese lessons over the […]