Foster Adoption: The Struggle of a Last Name


Diane Ponist Recently we have reached a dilemma as adoptive parents. When it comes to adoption it’s more involved than many people think. Especially when adopting from the foster system, many different scenarios come into play. Who to stay in touch with from the bio family is one huge decision, plus changing or not changing […]

NCLR Launches Campaign To Reform State Parenting Laws

LGBT parents

By The Seattle Lesbian  Tuesday the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) launched its #Equality4Families campaign to raise awareness about the need to reform state laws so that they fully protect LGBT parents’ rights to care for their children. The campaign launch comes on the heels of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court freedom to marry victory, […]

Wishful Wedding: New Book in a LGBTQ Themed Book Series by Pigeonhole Books

Wishful Wedding

By: Amber Leventry The author and founder of Pigeonhole Books is on a mission. A.S. Chung is using picture books, a gentle tone, and clear but subtle language to help children understand life’s challenges. Using three different book series under the Pigeonhole name, Chung tackles and celebrates topics specific to divorce, same-sex couples and families, […]

A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to the Christian Billboard Couple: Get Your Homophobic Messaging Out of the Faces of Our LGBT Kids

Billboard piece

Two years ago Richard and Betty Odgaard humiliated a gay couple. After a long tour of the Görtz Haus in Grimes, Iowa, Lee Stafford and Jared Ellers were informed that they would not be welcomed to engage the establishment for their wedding because they were gay. After the story hit at the time, I decided […]

Sisters Born of the Same Sperm: I Used a Disney Movie to Define Donor Siblings

Donor siblings

By: Amber Leventry “Hey, Eva,” I said to my daughter a few nights ago. “Want to spend Thanksgiving with Molly, Ethan, and the kids?” My partner, Amy, and I had just made a plan to visit the couple who used the same anonymous sperm donor as we did to build their family of five. “Yeah, […]

One Pregnant Mom’s Struggle: Yes The Baby Is Still In There

A pregnant mom's struggle

By Sarah Toce It’s curious what a little time can do. Six months ago the world learned of our fertility struggle and now, as I’m writing this, I’m 25 weeks along and so much has changed. In fact, I barely recognize my own life, which is masterful in itself since I spent so much time […]

OliviaHas2Moms & Why LGBT Youth Need LGBT Families On YouTube


By Alex Temblador If you’re a fan of The Next Family’s YouTube Channel, you may have noticed that editor-in-chief, Brandy Black, recently met up with the YouTube family sensation, OliviaHas2Moms, at VidCon and produced a stellar interview. OliviaHas2Moms is a YouTube Channel featuring two moms, Ebony and Denise, and their daughter Olivia. They currently have […]

A Mom Responds to Homophobic Vandalism Against Her Bi Daughters in the Most Amazing Way

Imgay garage tag

Seventeen year old Miranda DeLong received a huge shock as she was returning home from work last week. It was 2am in the morning. She, a proud bi teen, was accompanied by her friend, who is transgender, walking from the boardwalk where they were employed. There before them, scrawled in taggers graffiti paint across her […]

Spotlight Campaign: Celebrity Dad Denis O’Hare and His Husband Hugo Redwood

Denis O'Hare True Blood actor

TNF: Your video for #HowWeFamily was beautiful, it made me teary to see you sharing so honestly and openly about your family. I know you and your husband met 15 years ago, what was it about him that made you know he was the one for you?  Denis: When we first met, neither of us […]