A Mommy Cautionary Tale


By: Shannon Ralph Something happened this weekend—a lifetime first. (Well, actually, not a real first, but the first time this particular thing happened in 37 or 38 years.) I pooped my pants. Yep, you read that correctly. I realize this is probably entirely too much information, but I think it is life-altering enough to include […]


The Pierce-Ralph Family-Do we change our names now that we can get married?


By: Shannon Ralph I was asked an intriguing question this week. Completely out of the blue and totally unexpected, Ruanita (a-little-too-casually) asked me the following: “So…do you think we should hyphenate our last names after we get married?” Whaaa?? To be perfectly honest, this had never occurred to me. Amazingly—despite the tornadic whirlwind of wedding […]


I’ve Been Possessed


By: Shannon Ralph By: Shannon Ralph Have you ever had the distinct impression that your body was being inhabited by another being—like, say, a pearl-sporting, plastic smiling, 50s era Memphis housewife? No? Okay, maybe it’s just me. I am not typically a believer in the occult, but it is the only explanation I can come […]


Passing the Torch

roller skating

By: Shannon Ralph I just got out of the shower. This is not, in itself, a very blog-worthy event as I usually take a shower most days. As a matter of fact, today I took two. One before IT happened and one after IT happened. For the third time in recent months, I accompanied my […]