A Mommy Cautionary Tale


By: Shannon Ralph Something happened this weekend—a lifetime first. (Well, actually, not a real first, but the first time this particular thing happened in 37 or 38 years.) I pooped my pants. Yep, you read that correctly. I realize this is probably entirely too much information, but I think it is life-altering enough to include […]


The Pierce-Ralph Family-Do we change our names now that we can get married?


By: Shannon Ralph I was asked an intriguing question this week. Completely out of the blue and totally unexpected, Ruanita (a-little-too-casually) asked me the following: “So…do you think we should hyphenate our last names after we get married?” Whaaa?? To be perfectly honest, this had never occurred to me. Amazingly—despite the tornadic whirlwind of wedding […]


I’ve Been Possessed


By: Shannon Ralph By: Shannon Ralph Have you ever had the distinct impression that your body was being inhabited by another being—like, say, a pearl-sporting, plastic smiling, 50s era Memphis housewife? No? Okay, maybe it’s just me. I am not typically a believer in the occult, but it is the only explanation I can come […]


Passing the Torch

roller skating

By: Shannon Ralph I just got out of the shower. This is not, in itself, a very blog-worthy event as I usually take a shower most days. As a matter of fact, today I took two. One before IT happened and one after IT happened. For the third time in recent months, I accompanied my […]


Bridezilla in the Making


By: Shannon Ralph Yesterday, the Minnesota House of Representatives approved gay marriage in the State of Minnesota. It’s not officially legal yet, as the Senate still has to vote on the measure on Monday. However, the Senate is considered a slam dunk. The House was the real obstacle. So…as of August 1st, Ruanita and I […]