A Bitchy Shrill Dyke’s Celebration of Her-story Month


By Sheana Ochoa Recently, I picked up a book on the subject of biography. I’ve been writing a biography on Stella Adler, the first lady of modern day acting, for over a decade and was reminded how men have by and large been the writer’s of history (history).  As far back as Xenophon writing about […]

The Ugly Truth


By Sheana Ochoa Last night, my friend and her boyfriend came over for dinner. They brought his five-year-old, which presented me with the opportunity to talk to an “expert” of sorts since he is also raising a boy and the boy is a year ahead of Noah. Specifically I wanted to ask him about his experience […]

The Myth of the Boring Marriage


By Sheana Ochoa   Last week a married acquaintance shared with me that she was finding marriage boring. She remembered the “good ole days” when she made all the decisions, could spontaneously take a trip if she wanted, buy the big priced item without having to discuss it first, go out with friends and not […]

Marriage: A Delicate Balancing Act

wedding cake

By: Sheana Ochoa   Marriage. I don’t know where to begin. Years ago after attending a friend’s wedding I wrote an essay on the origin of marriage and the subjugation of women. I didn’t think I’d ever get married. In my culture even the language reflects a misogynistic attitude toward the institution. Esposa is wife. […]

Noah’s Art


By Sheana Ochoa There have been studies indicating that kids that go to preschool are more successful fiscally and emotionally as adults.  I can see the benefits of preschool in terms of socialization as well as keeping my son physically and mentally occupied, but, what I didn’t expect was Noah’s interest (at not quite three-and-half-years […]

Santa: To Believe or Not To Believe


By: Sheana Ochoa “Where’s Christmas?” my three-year-old keeps asking.  Since Thanksgiving ended, he sees signs of it everywhere.  There’s another house with its lights up and more tree-lit avenues with elaborate wreaths or even Santa and the reindeer soaring across the intersection.  “Look at the one in the front with the red nose,” I point […]

Preschool: Should I Stay or Should I Go?


By: Sheana Ochoa My son started preschool last Wednesday. It wasn’t pretty. We entered the school and because I was concerned about him wetting his pants (my last two blogs were about my struggle with potty training), the first thing I did was show him the bathroom. Next we went to the cubby area where […]