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Animal Grossology

March 13, 2016 @ 8:00 am - June 28, 2016 @ 5:00 pm


Ever wonder why dogs sniff each other’s rear ends, why cows need four stomachs to digest their food, or why cats spit up hair balls? You can find out the answers to all these nasty questions and more at Animal Grossology! Get up close and personal with some of the slimiest, stinkiest and downright yuckiest creatures on Earth through hands-on, interactive displays.

  • Find out why flies throw up on their food (and sometimes our food!) before they eat it
  • Explore the four different colors of blood and which colors belong to which animals
  • Play the Slime Game and discover which animal is the slimiest of them all
  • Become a dookie detective and investigate doo doo
  • And much more!

Interactive Exhibit Areas

Dookie Lovers
They come in all sizes, textures and shapes. But, dookies provide answers to many of our animal mysteries. Become a dookie detective and investigate which animal left its doo doo in the penguin’s ice house. Then become a scarab beetle and compete against others to push a giant dookie ball into your nest in the Dung Ball Rally.

Blood Suckers
From blood-sucking animals to the many colors of blood, you will be enthralled by this interactive area. Learn why and how blood-sucking critters drink your blood as you pump blood into a tick, mosquito and leech, and see how they are anatomically different. Then play a game of Transfusion Confusion and match each animal with one of four blood colors.

Slime Makers
Slime is a very important ingredient for many animals and provides many important functions; from facilitating motion, to digestion, to defense. Play the Slime Game and answer slimy questions to become the “King of Slime!” Then, take an underwater adventure in our ocean playground and see some unusual creatures found way down deep.

Vomit Munchers
Step up to a game of Pellet Purge where you will dissect an owl pellet and reassemble the skeleton to learn about what owls eat. Then, check out the insides of a life size cow and watch as food makes its way through its four stomachs in “ruminant” digestion to process food. Discover the myths about the fly world as our larger than life fly explains the gross truths behind some of their behavior. Finally, chose either a particle of food or a hairball and learn about cat digestion by trying to make our cat digest it in this maze challenge.



March 13, 2016 @ 8:00 am
June 28, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
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Discovery Cube Los Angeles
11800 Foothill Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 91342 United States
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